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The purpose of this association is to raise awareness of Lymphoedema, both its primary (genetic) and secondary forms.

We have embarked on a well-defined path, which is outlined in a clear and accurate manner within the Statute:

1) Healthcare education and culture: the knowledge and diffusion of the current status of the research regarding the lymphatic system through scientific meetings held at least annually. Provision of guidelines and information on protections that the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (Italy’s National Healthcare Service) offers. Organisation of refresher courses and professional training for physiotherapists and operators in this sector.

2) Study and Research: Resilia wants to support the research and study of this condition both in its genetic and secondary forms. It will do that also through the setting up of Scholarships, Research Grants, overseas study periods for deserving young researchers. It might also support the setting-up, or even the management of existing libraries, databases and of any other means in support of Lymphoedema research and study.

3) Initiatives to raise funds: for the purpose of financing its own institutional activity it will organise meetings, even recreational ones, with the purpose of raising funds also through the request for bequests, donations or free contributions.

4) Communication campaigns and activities to impart the knowledge that it is possible to live well with this condition: in order to help the patients to take the correct preventative measures, social communication about the impact that this condition may have on an individual, his family circle and work colleagues, is essential.

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